About Us


Our Vision Statement:  The people of Citrus County protect and maintain a variety of pristine habitats, sanctuaries and natural areas that are havens for wildlife and favorite destinations for all who love their natural beauty and appreciate their essential importance to our quality of life.

Our Mission Statement:  We are dedicated to the conservation of our wildlife and natural resources through education and community support.

We are group of active individuals interested in birding, wildlife and our natural resources.  Our meetings spotlight interesting and informative speakers presenting programs of interest to a wide audience, including children.  We also participate in a variety of community outreach programs.

Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month from October through April starting at 7:00 PM. Refer to our calendar for the event and click for more information. The meetings are open to the public.  Please come and get acquainted!

Field Trips are held 15-20 times a year, usually September through April.  They are typically day trips to local birding trails in Citrus County or surrounding areas.Occasionally, a two-day trip is offered to a birding hot spot in another part of the state.  All levels of birders, from beginners to advanced, enjoy these trips.  In addition to birds, a variety of other wildlife is observed, and our members who enjoy photography find many subjects to “shoot.”

Great Florida Birding Trail:  Citrus County is located in the middle of the West Section of the Great Florida Birding Trail.  Here you will find 21 official trails and 21 additional “hot spots”, covering a great variety of habitats.  For complete information, go to www.citrusbirdingtrail.com or pick up a “Citrus County Birding Trail Guide” at one of our meetings.

Christmas Bird Count:  Some members of Citrus County Audubon Society participate in National Audubon Society’s annual Christmas Bird Count.  This bird count helps monitor the trends in numbers and species of birds found in our county and is entered into the data base of official national records.

Citrus County Audubon Society was incorporated in 1971.  It’s an all-volunteer local chapter of both Audubon of Florida and National Audubon Society.