Brain Cramps

Mon, 02/17/2014 - 13:52 -- Lynn DeLong

There are so many conservation issues swirling around in my brain lately that when I sit down to write my blog I seem to get brain cramps!  Since there are also many talented and articulate individuals writing about Florida issues these days, I have decided to calm my brain today by directing you to two of my favorites, both of whom recently tackled an issue that I found particularly outrageous, though it got very little publicity.

Carl Hiaasen is one of my favorite Florida writers as he mixes good common sense about issues in our state with satire and a wicked sense of humor!  His recent column about Florida suing to block a clean up plan for the Chesapeake Bay had me alternating between outrage and laughter. Last time I looked at a map the Bay wasn’t anywhere near Florida. No matter, our tax money is being used to help Big Agriculture and Developers continue to pollute Chesapeake Bay, even as our Governor claims he wants to help clean up Florida’s troubled waters.  As Carl says, you can’t make this stuff up.  Read this column at:

For still another look at the Chesapeake Bay lawsuit, check out one of my favorite conservation bloggers, Sonny Vergara, who was Executive  Director at SWFWMD  from 1997-2003. Sonny is now free to tell it like is, and his insight always makes for an interesting read!



Submitted by Fred Hileman on

Good post Lynn.  I too enjoy Carl's articles and had read this before, but not the second link to Sonny Vergara. Both very wellwritten.

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